We Sell Multi Generation Australian Labradoodles Puppies
Our goal is to breed for the hypoallergenic dogs, health and beautiful non-shedding coats. Our dogs live in our home as our family pets.  All the puppies, along with our adult dogs, spend their days playing in our yard and socializing with our other dogs and our 4 children, while they’re grow up to be healthy, well cared for family companions. A few of their favorite pastimes include traveling back and forth between our country home and running errands with us and play time with the kids. We specialize in medium size dogs, ranging from 25-45 pounds. Needless to say, the precious puppies raised here are part of our family . . . until they go to there forever homes!

Looking for a companion labradoodle for your family? Email us to find out about puppy availability. We have a new litter coming soon that will be ready for family adoption end of November…

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