Rainpuddle's Remmington Champ


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Rainpuddle's Bubbles

  1.  Yolanda G.  – Duncanville Tx
  2.  Brandon D.  – Dallas Tx
  3.  Brooke L. – Wylie Tx
  4.  Meira R. – Plano Tx
  5. Puppy – Reserved
  6. Josiah A. – Austin Tx 
  7. Mohammadreza A. – Austin Tx 
  8. Puppy – Available
  9. Puppy – Available
  10. Puppy – Available

There Are No Reservations Available in This Litter

Rainpuddle's Remmington Champ

              Reservation List

  1.  Christina C.- Katy Tx
  2.  Sorin P. – Wichita Falls
  3.  Billy W. – San Ramon CA
  4.   Lauren Y.  – Dallas Tx
  5.  Francisco C. – San Antonio tx
  6.  Jennifer M.  – Woodland Tx
  7.  Christopher K. – Celina Tx
  8.  Abigail C. –  South lake
  9.  Reserved


Champ and Lexi’s upcoming litter will most likely have a rainbow of colors, blacks, caramels, chocolates, reds and apricots. Their litters always hold us in suspense of the colors and coat types they will produce. we can get wavy fleecy and some curly fleece coat types. size ranges 40-45 lbs. We have many service and therapy dogs working in the field from these dogs previous litters. There’s a seizure alert dog,  an Autistic service dog for a child and several therapy dogs working in nursing homes to bring happiness and comfort. These puppies are highly intuitive and ready to please but come with the package deal of years of companionship. 

Rainpuddle's Lexi Bell

There Is No Reservations Available in This Litter​

Country Spotlight on Redd

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Spotlight On Redd and Autumn’s upcoming litter will be an amazing assortment of reds and apricot colors along with wavy fleece coat type . These babies will have exceptional temperaments and personalities as proven by previous puppies and their new owners. They will make lovely  service/therapy and companion dogs. Fantastic with kids and super loving for the elderly. Either way they will not disappoint and will give years of love to their new companion.

Spice it up Autumn

Reservation List
  1.  Amy T.
  2. Catalina S.
  3. Daniela S.
  4. Estefania C.
  5. Reserved
  6. Reserved
  7. Roby C.
  8. Sumithra B. 
  9. Fernando N.
  10. Vivek V.

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