Extended Family

Check Out What Our Customers Have To Say

Below are excerpts from some of the emails we’ve received from the many wonderful people who have adopted new family members from us! See why you should adopt a labradoodle from Rainpuddles today!

Our Bronco will be 8 months on the 15th. He is a very smart young dog. At 40lbs now, he still has to be held like a new born baby. He rings his bell when he has to potty. He understands come, sit and lay in English and in French.When he gets a special reward, sleeping with mom and dad, he won’t get get out of bed in the morning till he gets a 10 minute of a full body massage. He love talking to us in his silly little voice. I would have to say that his favorite thing to do is play Hide and Seek with Mom and Dad, always seems to find us no matter where we hide. This little fella has brought so much joy and laughter into our life and heart. Thanks again Garvin Family and may God continue to bless you.


We are having the best time! She has been such an amazing dog. I couldn’t be happier ❤️🐶 thank you again for everything!

He’s seriously the best dog. Doesn’t chew, isn’t hyper, loves us all so well and always wants to be where we are. A.

Bailey’s temperament is amazing. I have never seen another one like her. We love her so dearly! 💗💗 L

We got our labradoodle, Bear, last August. He was so well taken care of before we got him. Jana did a great job of finding us the perfect pup to match what we were looking for in a dog. We love him so much and are already talking about getting another one!

L and C

Josh and Jana, I cannot believe a month has gone by since Disco arrived. She is so fabulous. I just love her. She is calm and sweet and the perfect dog for my family. My daughter has one and a half year old golden doodle and she now wants a second dog like Disco. Disco is going 7 hours in her crate at night without needing to go potty. She is using the doggy door regularly now. I take her on a walk every morning when we wake up and she gets to explore my neighborhood. After losing two dogs this year, having Disco here is such a joy. Thanks for breeding such a wonderful dog!


Diego is doing great! 🙂💙 Such a sweet boy 🧸. We love him 💖 Miso is growing big and doing really well. He’s SUCH a sweet boy!!

We’re good! Obsessed with him 😍 he is too cute! He’s not loving the crate or the playpen, just wants to be near us all the time. He’s getting the hang of potty training but still wants to go on a carpet if he gets on one of them. D

Hope all is well with you and your family. Just wanted to provide an update on Cooper (formerly Chip). He’s adjusted well and is growing fast! He already knows how to sit, lie down and use his indoor potty pad. He’s a smart dog! We’ve had many visitors over the past couple months.

Hey Jana, Just giving you an update! Kash is doing great. He love his new home. He has his number 2 potties down pat we are just working on the number 1 consistently on where to go. He knows sit, come,no and home(cage). He goes crazy when it’s time to eat 😂 we just love him B.

Our sweet ginger is the best dog ever. She love the outdoors and love to have plenty of cuddles. So thank you very much for her and you!. Rd

He has been a champ. We thought it might be harder the first days after being separated from his sis, but he has been an angel. A.

We love Bently so much! He has the greatest hair and coat. He loves playing in the yard and swims in the pool. Thank you so much D.Y.