Up coming litters

      To reserve a puppy for family adoption, with a non-refundable deposit of $400 which is required to reserve a choice of litter of current or up coming puppy litter.


Remington Champion teddy and Lexi Hope Farms litter has been reserved for family pets

                       UPCOMING LITTER FOR SPRING OF 2019

This has been a very popular pairing of our own Rain Puddles Labradoodle  – Paloma with Country Labradoodles Legacy of Neptune. Both have beautiful non shedding curly fleece coats and there past puppies have been gorgeous, with the best temperaments we have seen yet from all our puppies.


               Upcoming Litter for MAY 2019

Our own Remington Champion teddy and Lexi Hope Farms have confirmed there litter . We are so excited as this will be our second pairing with our own Remington Champion. We are expecting a variety rainbow of coats and colors. We have now started taking reservations for up coming puppies.



         Up Coming littler July 2019 

Country Labradoodles ”Jupiter” and our Rainpuddles Labradoodles ”Clara Bear” Clara will be a first time mom and we are so excited to see what little puppies will be like. Both parents have great temperaments. and this wavy curly fleece coats. We are expecting a variety of colors with this pairing of possible parti, creams, apricots and reds. We will be taking applications for this litter soon…..


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