As responsible breeders and advocates of Australian Labradoodles, it is important that we not only secure the best homes but the right homes in the adoption process. Australian Labradoodles can live up to 15 years. It is important that there first home for your special companion be the right home!


Please submit this application accompanied by a deposit in the amount of $400.00. This deposit becomes non-refundable once the Ultra-Sound confirms pregnancy or once your name has been added to the list for current litter you have selected.

If we (Rainpuddles) for any reason decide this is not a good situation and chooses not to approve the application, the deposit will be returned promptly. Our waiting list is
established by the receipt of applications and a deposit of $400.00, which is applied to
the adoption fee of the puppy.

The final payment for your puppy is due 10 business days before delivery or pickup.