Australian Labradoodles

Experience a lifetime of loyalty, love and companionship for the whole family! Child friendly, low dander bundles of joy.

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Why Australian Labradoodles?

Great Personality

Australian Labradoodles love people and play time. They have a great temperament and use it to lighten up the faces of everyone around them.

Kid Friendly

Australian Labradoodles love children and spending time playing with them in the home and outdoors.

Low-Dander Breed

Australian Labradoodles are a low-dander breed of dog that is an important factor to anyone who suffers with allergies from pets. They also are an easier breed to cleanup after due to their light shedding, low-dander nature.

Small Breed

Australian Labradoodles are a smaller dog breed making them ideal for any size home and easy to take care of.

Crate Safe

Australian Labradoodles enjoy having their own personal space to sleep and just relax such as a crate. This makes leaving them home while shopping or attending events a breeze.

Therapy Dogs

Australian Labradoodles high intelligence is one of the reasons that make them a great therapy dog and can be trained easily within a short period of time.

Two Australian Labradoodle puppies

Lifetime Companions

Our Australian Labradoodles are cared for, vaccinated and come partially trained by our family who has many years’ experience with this breed of furry joy. They come trained to home to a puppy crate for safety and rest to help reduce the stress of cases were an adoption requires the puppy be shipped throughout the country or world-wide.

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