About Us

Hi I’m Jana Garvin and welcome to our extended labradoodle family. I’m a stay at home mom here in Central Texas. In 2014 we wanted to have a family dog but also wanted to have all the great qualities that we have come to see the labradoodle breed has. It was then that we decided to embark on a family adventure. Just to take a moment I would like to introduce my whole family.
My husband Josh is a passionate family man who takes his role as a father and provider very seriously, so without him this new undertaking would not be possible. I now have 5 kids and have always enjoyed the outdoors and animals. My oldest is Jeffrey who helps me out with most of the maintenance of our dogs and other farm animals. Then there’s Jadon who just turned nine as he’s still learning the ropes. Faith my oldest daughter is always compassionate to try to train the dogs even though she’s only 7 years old 🙂 and then last but not least we have the mischievous Anayah who just turned a big 4 and is more then willing to help the dogs get in trouble 🙂




Puppies for Sale Waco

We are the only seller of Australian Labradoodles black & chocolate puppies in Waco, Texas. As a child I always loved dogs and with only having one older sister I found myself many times playing with my dog or kittens as they became my best friends. I stay pretty busy having four children, homeschooling and all the other activities that you can imagine a child can be involved in while still maintaining a small farm here in Central Texas. I have a deep appreciation for these dogs and believe they have the ability to emotionally meet some of the deepest needs we have as humans. Yes dogs are for us too love on, but as individuals these companions can be the perfect match for us in our everyday lives. Very soon we hope to have up links for therapy and service dogs as this breed of dog is best known for these services.

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